Dream Cast + Synopsis meme | Once Upon A Sh*t (2013)

Meet the family of Streisands. Glamorous, young and fierce as true Los Angeles’s elite they work as team in a popular magazine on their own column (even with a photo!) about life and style in different spots of the USA. Richard (Downey Jr), the eldest brother, graduate of Yale and just a nice mean guy writes brilliant articles, the seconde one is Gregory (Pattinson), a smiley and slutty photographer, then Lola (Fox), the only stepsister and a naive photo model, who poses for Gregory, the last and the youngest one is Lala (Seyfried), who works as Lola’s make-up stylist. Once the Streisands get a special mission from their boss to a make a new article in a surprising place. So they get into a remote village in Pennsylvania and are not really happy to be here. But a little bit later they make whole the village fall in love with the amazing Streisands (especially Greg and Richard) who rocks every party anytime! They meet new people, try new lifestyle with no Malibu’s sunshine and they kind of.. love it! So when it comes to your home place, shouldn’t you say what in your heart, not in your ID? 

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